Saturday, February 08, 2014

Ethiopians await implementation of national public smoking ban

(Feb 08, 2014, (Anatolia News Agency))--Restaurants, cinemas and hotels – along with other businesses in Ethiopia's hospitality and entertainment sectors – are eagerly awaiting implementation of a recently passed law banning smoking in public spaces nationwide. Last month, Ethiopia's parliament unanimously passed a law banning smoking in all public venues.

The legislation, however, will not go into effect until it has been published in the 'Negarit Gazette,' the country's official newspaper. But while many restaurants in capital Addis Ababa have already banned smoking, some restaurant owners complain that customers have simply ignored the no-smoking signs on the walls.
Shibeshi Tsige, owner of the "Passion Burger" franchise in which smoking is prohibited, told Anadolu Agency that many of his customers refused to comply with the ban. "Some smokers light up despite the visible no-smoking signs on the walls of the restaurant," he said.

Senait Gadisa, deputy head of PR at the House of Peoples' Representatives (the lower house of Ethiopia's parliament), voiced hope that this would soon change. "The law has already been passed but not put into effect, pending publication in the Negarit Gazette," Gadisa told AA. "I hope it will soon be published and implemented." Read more from Anatolia News Agency » .

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