Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ethiopian hijack pilot suffered family loss

(Feb 17, 2014, (Shanghai Daily))--The Ethiopian pilot who hijacked a flight to Rome and took it to Geneva had recently lost his uncle, a relative said yesterday, suggesting anguish may have left him on edge. Alemu Asmamaw, another uncle, said that 31-year-old co-pilot Hailemedhin Abera was in emotional distress over the past month following the sudden death of “a very close” uncle.

The pilot used to call family before international trips, but had since stopped doing so and appeared to distance himself from his relatives, Alemu said. “I fear that the death of his uncle... has put a strain on his life,” he said.

He named the deceased uncle as Emiru Seyoum and said he taught at Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa University. He did not say how Hailemedhin’s uncle died.

Hailemedhin, who had worked for Ethiopian Airlines for five years, on Monday locked the pilot of a Rome-bound flight out of the cockpit and then as co-pilot diverted the plane to Geneva, where he used a rope to lower himself out of a window and asked for political asylum. Read more from Shanghai Daily »

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