Saturday, December 07, 2013

Ethiopian mom and baby killed in Springs

(Dec 07, 2013, (Johannesburg))--A bullet to the head while she lay in the arms of her mother ended the life of baby Happy. The 16-month-old infant was resting on her mother’s chest when they were both shot and killed in what is believed to be an attack on foreign nationals in Ekurhuleni townships.

The incident happened on Sunday night when Wangore Kebede took his family to Everest in Springs to collect a shipping container from which he operated his shop. “He wanted to find a new place for it because people were complaining,” said Ramadan Ibro, interpreting for him.

His wife Vigist Chufamjo, baby daughter Happy and Vigist’s brother had left a church in Dunnottar, Springs, with Wangore in the afternoon to fetch the container. Around 9pm, while the family was at the container, shots were fired at Wangore and his wife’s brother.

“It was dark and they could not see who was there, so they ran away,” said Ibro. Once out of sight, the shooters turned to the bakkie that was parked on the other side of the container. “His wife and child were sitting in the vehicle when they were gunned down,” said Ibro.

Vigist was shot in the chest and Happy in the head. When Wangore returned to the bakkie, he rushed his family to hospital. Happy died on the way, while Vigist was declared dead on arrival. On Sunday, friends and family gathered at a relative’s house in Dunnottar to mourn their loss.  Read more from iol News »

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