Sunday, November 17, 2013

With Ethiopians, we have a long history together (by Mahmoud Ahmad)

(Nov 17, 2013, (Saudi Gazette))--We have all seen the recent tragic events unfolding in the neighborhood of Manfuhah in Riyadh with illegal overstayers rioting and terrorizing people on the streets. They smashed cars and trashed public properties. The scenes of riots, blocking roads, trashing cars and terrorizing pedestrians and residents, are actions many Saudis and expatriates living here in the Kingdom have not been subjected to as they are a rare occurrence.

What triggered these riots that started in Riyadh and spread to Jeddah, in Al-Sharafiya district, and Makkah, in Al-Mansour street, is the police crackdown on neighborhoods that housed illegal expatriates in large numbers. This is the official statement given by authorities. Sadly, however, Ethiopian nationals are once again in the news as the main nationality behind these riots.

I had written an article some months ago urging people not to encourage Ethiopia-phobia and once again today, I urge people to differentiate between the people who are residing in the Kingdom as respected legal Ethiopian expatriates and those who sneaked in through the borders.

The riotous behavior is from a minority that sparked violence against people and police and blame must be limited to those who started it. Other Ethiopians, legally residing here, had nothing to do with the action of a small section of Ethiopians. The rioters represent no one but themselves only. Read more from Saudi Gazette »

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