Monday, November 04, 2013

Indian writes Ethiopian language primers for foreigners

(Nov 04, 2013, (The New Indian Express))--An Indian scholar in Ethiopia has so far published over a dozen books specially designed for foreigners to learn Ethiopia's languages, particularly Amharic. His story reads like a journey in reverse to the one made centuries earlier by the Siddis - Indians of East African descent brought to India mostly as slaves, who live mostly in Gujarat and have embraced the local language and culture.

Apart from 'Amharic for Foreigners', K. Sekhar from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, who teaches business management at Mizan Tepi University in southwestern Ethiopia, has also written language primers in Tigrigna, Oromifa, Nuer, Kafi Noono and Hadiya. The last two are the first to be written by an expatriate.

"Languages have a trait of similarity at some point and finding out these traits is the way to understanding them," Sekhar, a self-thought linguist and lexicographer, told IANS in an interview. "The similarities I feel between the two countries (Ethiopia and India) are also important and made things easier for me", he said. Read more from The New Indian Express »

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