Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ethiopia to bring home illegal workers from Kingdom

(Nov 10, 2013, (ADDIS ABABA))-- The Ethiopian government is repatriating its citizens living in Saudi Arabia illegally, after reports that an Ethiopian was killed by police, officials said Saturday. Last April, the Saudi government issued an amnesty period giving illegal immigrants seven months to gain legal status or leave the country.

“The ones who failed are the ones who are being repatriated,” the spokesman for the Ethiopian foreign ministry, Dina Mufti, told AFP. Every year, large numbers of Ethiopians leave their country looking for work. Most are females moving to the Middle East seeking domestic work.

Last year, 200,000 women left Ethiopia seeking jobs, according to Ethiopia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Dina said there were unconfirmed reports that an Ethiopian had been killed this week by Saudi police who were shifting illegal immigrants into camps. Read more from ArabNews »

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