Monday, August 26, 2013

Israel classifies Eritrean migrants as Ethiopians to deport them

(Aug 27, 2013, (JERUSALEM, (Xinhua))--Seeking to prevent Eritrean migrants from staying in Israel, the Israeli Interior Ministry argues that many of them are in fact Ethiopians, and thus eligible for deportation, Ha'aretz daily reported Monday.

In order to deport them out of Israel, Israeli Population and Migration Authority has recently reclassified tens of Eritrean migrants as Ethiopians, despite their insistence that they are Eritreans, said the report.

The Authority said hundreds of other cases are now under legal procedures, the report said. But the Authority was not immediately ready to comment.

Eritreans are granted with automatic "temporary collective protection" which allows them to find shelter in Israel, but many of them have no official documents to prove their Eritrean nationality. Therefore, the Interior Ministry determined whether they are indeed Eritreans based on personal interviews. Read more from Shanghai Daily » 

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