Sunday, July 21, 2013

Heavy police presence at Ethiopian protest in west Edmonton

(July 20, 21013, (Edmonton))--A heavy police presence formed outside the Belmead Community league in west Edmonton Saturday afternoon when about 100 protesters gathered to rally against the Ethiopian government.

Protesters told CBC News that representatives from the Ethiopian government were meeting inside the community league's building to discuss selling bonds for a hydroelectric dam project on the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia. Several people involved in the protest said their goal in rallying at the building was to disrupt the meeting.

A spokesperson for the Edmonton police confirmed 40 to 60 people – the group the protesters hoped to reach – were inside the building. However, people involved in the meeting told CBC News they are not affiliated with the Ethiopian government. Although the protesters did have a permit to rally, nearly a dozen police and emergency vehicles were called in when the situation began to escalate and an officer in distress signal was called.

CBC’s Matthew Kupfer reported seeing eight or nine uniformed police officers form a line between the protesters and the building to ensure the two groups were kept separate. Read more from »

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