Monday, July 01, 2013

Ethiopia: PM Hailemariam - Gerd Construction, Capacity Not for Negotiation

(July 01, 2013, (Addis Ababa))--Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said on Friday the construction of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and its capacity would not be a subject of negotiation.

The Premier made the remark in a press conference he gave on current affairs of the nation. The press conference covered areas GERD issue, corruption, economy and human rights, among others.

The consultation of Egypt and Ethiopia would focus on maximizing the common benefit from the River Nile, he said. He underscored that the construction of the GERD and reducing its capacity would not be a subject of negotiation at all. Hailemariam said the anti-corruption struggle which has already started would continue in the areas of land administration, public procurement and construction sectors. The public should upgrade its participation in fighting corruption from giving tips to preventing corruption.

He said the government is working to establish a system that is not suitable for corruption side by side with taking measures on those who involve in corruption. In connection with agriculture, the Premier said various activities are underway to realize the amount of product planned for the season. To this effect, provision of agricultural inputs and support of agriculture experts is being extended to farmers, he said.

The five year Growth and Transformation Plan is well in progress, he said, adding that a better economic growth is expected this year. He said the economic growth in Ethiopia is changing the famine and poverty image of the nation. Responding to the issue of human rights in Ethiopia, Hailemariam said the government has an obligation to respect human rights which is enshrined in the Constitution.

The government recognizes that there is a need to address the issue of human rights in Ethiopia and it is working to address it by setting a three-year action plan. Hailemariam, however, said the government does not accept baseless accusations in the disguise of human rights to attack and mar the nation’s image.
Source: Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency

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