Sunday, June 23, 2013

Life goes on for Bolt

(Jun 23, 3013, BBA))--After his lover Betty was Evicted from the Big Brother House this evening, there was no sulking in a corner for Bolt. The Sierra Leonean heartthrob chose to mourn Betty’s departure by getting comfortable on the couch with Fatima, who was on hand with words of comfort.

“You’ll be fine my friend. I know it’s going to be hard for you because you’ve shared a bed with Betty since the first day. I also went through something similar. I also had breaks in between with regards to the whole someone sleeping in my bed thing in this House”, she said, referring to Elikem’s bed hopping.

Later, Bolt went outside for a cigarette and was joined by Angelo. Bolt couldn’t resist whispering a few bedroom secrets with the South African, who was all ears naturally.

When Angelo asked him “How does it feel to get it on in front of Africa”, Bolt smiled sheepishly and played coy, clearly not wanting to give too much away. Bolt has opened up about how difficult he thinks this week will be without Betty by his side. Stay strong Bolt!...

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gebeyehu terefe said...

why Bolt is after Betty evicted from BBA to bonded with Fatima? what is behind of this?

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