Tuesday, June 04, 2013

ElBaradei calls on Morsy to apologize to Ethiopia

(Jun 04, 2013, (Egypt Independet))--Mohamed ElBaradei, National Salvation Front Coordinator, called on President Mohamed Morsy to apologise to Ethiopia and Sudan for “the irresponsible utterances” made during the national dialogue session held on Monday to discuss the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis.

On his Twitter account, ElBaradei –also the President of the Dostour Party– demanded that Morsy offer similar apologies to both countries in the name of Egyptians. The live broadcast of the national dialogue on Monday sparked criticism by participants in the dialogue, including Ayman Nour –president of Ghad al-Thawra party.

He called for holding responsible those who decided to broadcast on air what was supposed to be a closed dialogue session. Pakinam al-Sharqawy, assistant presidential adviser for political affairs, extended her apologies for "any unintended embarrassment caused to any of the political leaders who attended the national dialogue session to discuss the report submitted by the tripartite committee on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam."

On her Facebook page, Sharqawy said the decision for the live broadcast of the dialogue session was taken just before the session, due to the significance of the Nile water dossier. Read more from Egypt Independent »

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