Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ethiopia Welcomes Walmart Expansion

(May 15, 2015, VENTURES AFRICA))--Walmart is looking to expand its operations in Africa and its next port of call – Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the second most populated country in Africa, and although it is not known for itsfinancial prowess, Walmart is considering adding to its 2.1 million workforces from the East African business hub.

According to reports, the Ethiopian government is currently conducting negotiations on the question of Walmart entering into their emerging market. An Ethiopian delegation is said to have met with top Walmart reps in Washington, D.C. to finalize plans to build one of Walmart’s world famous retail wonders.

 Further reports indicate negotiations by the government with other multinationals to facilitate easy entry into the Ethiopian market. Evidently, Ethiopian officials have “been considering (giving invitations to) multinational corporations that are experienced in wholesale distribution.”

The country has also sent a group of experts to India to borrow a trick or two on the strategy used to lure multinationals into its market. Read more from Ventures »

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