Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ethiopia brand featured in Milan

(May 22, 2013, ADDIS ABABA and MILAN))--An Italian fashion and bag designer has launched a series of bags with what has been described as an Ethiopian flare. The move at Milan’s Studio Giangaleazzo Visconti on Thursday night, saw Pinko unveil six Ethiopian versions of its signature cotton Pinko Bag.

Fashion Passion
More than a hundred women in Addis Ababa, about 65 of whom were recruited and trained especially for the project, produced the eco-friendly, 100 percent cotton Pinko Bag for Ethiopia collection, and the results of their efforts are in the Italian brand’s stores now at 58 euros (about $76) per bag, the company said.

The idea has been praised by women here in Ethiopia, who told that they are pleased that “we are a part of the fashion world and the price is not so bad that even we might be able to buy one some time.”

Halle Desa, 33, said she believed the concept of eco-fashion was something that “should really pick up in the future because it can really help to be a global thing for us here in Africa and the West.” Read more from Bikya News »

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