Friday, May 03, 2013

Dear Mother Video: Grateful Ethiopian Son Pays Off His Mom’s Mortgage

(May 03, 2013))--In the ultimate act of gratitude, a young man surprised his mother by handing her a check that completely paid off her mortgage. A son who surprised his mother by paying off her mortgage posted a heartwarming video of her reaction online.

The footage, in which the Canadian man can be seen handing his Ethiopian mother an envelope containing a cheque, has been watched more than half a million times in the space of two days.

Video shows man handing his mother an envelope with a cheque inside. Ethiopian woman is seen staring at cheque in stunned disbelief. Heartwarming video has been watched over 1,619,467 times on YouTube

As it dawns on his mother what the cheque means, for several seconds she can only say one thing: 'Wow.' She then says, according to the translation of her words on screen: 'Tonight I will not sleep for fear of dying of happiness.' Her son, known only as YouTube user iProjectAtlas, posted the video online with the title 'Dear Mother'.

'What I did for my mother can't even amount to 1/10 of what she's done for me,' he wrote. 'I can't even say that you can compare the two. 'That being said seeing her smile, seeing her shoulders drop, her breathe a sigh of relief made everything worth it. 'I don't expect everyone to understand but I just wanted to share that, to see what a small gesture can do for those closest to us,' he wrote. Read more from Daily Mail »

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