Thursday, March 21, 2013

President Obama Meets with First-Ever Ethiopian Crowned Miss Israel

(Mar 21, 2013, (Jerusalem))--Israel is putting its best face forward for President Obama, and what better face to put forward for America’s first black president than Israel’s first black beauty queen? The newly crowned Miss Israel is an Ethiopian Jewish immigrant to Israel.

President Obama meets with Miss Israel 2013, Yityish Aynaw (

She is joining Obama Thursday for the official state dinner in Jerusalem. Ethiopian immigrants have struggled to integrate into Israeli society, but Obama will be getting a taste of some of their recent success stories. A few weeks ago, more than a quarter of all Israeli TV viewers watched the judges announce the new Miss Israel of 2013.

Titi is her name, short for Yityish Aynaw. She was the only black finalist in this year’s beauty pageant and she has become Israel’s first black beauty queen. She’s tall, commanding, and outspoken. “It’s time that someone from my community, someone with my skin color, who is Israeli just like everyone else, represent the country,” Aynaw said. Read more from the world »

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