Monday, March 25, 2013

Hot Cooking Oil attack on Ethiopian maid in UAE: employer questioned by police

(Mar 24, 2013, Gulf News, (Sharjah))--Victim fighting for her life after suffering first and second-degree burns. A female employer of an Ethiopian housemaid who works illegally in the UAE has been summoned by the Sharjah police for questioning in connection with allegations that an assailant poured hot cooking oil on the maid’s head and back, causing serious burns across the victim’s body.

The housemaid is scheduled to undergo skin grafting surgery on Monday, more than a month after being hospitalised following the incident in her sponsor’s Mirdif villa in early February. The employer could not be reached on her telephone by Gulf News by press time on Sunday.

Al Qassimi Hospital officials said the maid has been fighting for her life in the intensive care unit (ICU) after suffering first- and second-degree burns. The victim has been heavily medicated as the ICU team helps nurse her back to health. Gulf News visited Room No 5 in the surgery section at the hospital on Sunday where the victim is receiving treatment.

The victim, identified as B.K., alleged in an interview that her employer threw flour, which the maid was preparing to make samosas, on the floor and ordered her to clean up the mess. The victim told police that while she was cleaning, the Moroccan assailant threw boiling oil on her. She alleged that her employer asked her not to scream. Read more from gulf news »

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