Thursday, February 07, 2013

Life in an Ethiopian palace full of African leaders

(Feb 07, 2013, (The African Report))--At the Sheraton Addis Ababa, in the Ethiopian capital, Heads of State, diplomats and government officials exchanged pleasantries, talking about issues, as those at diplomatic loggerheads busily avoided each other.

Indulging in the padded lobby of the Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa, the President of Benin and outgoing president of the African Union, Boni Yayi - in spite of the seemingly omnipresent Malian crisis and the 2013 African Cup of Nations - could not be missed.

Guests at the superb Ethiopian-style hotel, built by Ethiopian-Saudi Sheikh Al Amoudi, quietly jeered at Yayi's fondness for bright colours at his every passage. Boni Yayi had chosen to spend his last days as President of the African Union dressed in a dandy, electric blue suit for the opening of the Summit of Heads of State and a golden yellow suit to close it.

Mesmerised by the sound of his own voice, the outgoing president was relentless as he paid endless homage to his peers. Read more from The African Report »

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