Friday, January 04, 2013

Chinese language education in Ethiopia

(Jan 04, 2013, CCTV)--Ethiopia's biggest and most respected University---the Addis Ababa University--- is now working with the country's Confucius institute. The cooperation aims to bring the people of China and Ethiopia closer through education, to be exact, through educating Ethiopian students in the Chinese language up to the degree level. Desta Kebede, just like the rest of his classmates, is attentively following the lesson that he believes one day will change his life.

Here at the Addis Abeba University the Chinese language is being thought for students who will be earning a bachelor degree in three years time. The interactive lesson together with the heartfelt willingness of the pupil to study the language made the classroom warmer.

Desta Kebede in Chinese major of Addis Ababa University said, "Because Chinese people are, they have good aim for our country, so not only at Ethiopia but at Africa. Even Africa they are distributed for the sake of, to improve or to stand the African people or African countries."

With the continuous help of the Confucius institute in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa University is now enrolling 15 students to study Chinese language in a regular program hoping the trainees will fill the gap of lack of professional users of the language for better economic ties between the two sisterly countries. But what could be the fundamental reasons behind such a commitment in teaching the language for the local students.

Taye Regassa with Addis Ababa University said, "For one thing there is being this long-standing political relationship between the two countries, diplomatic relationship between the two countries. So we need people who speak Chinese."

All of the students here trust the lesson will help them fit in themselves in the ever dynamic job market successfully. And the Chinese companies in the country are all other motivating factors for these young pupils to commit themselves for the three years lesson that starts from simple self introduction to essay writing to Speaking presentations through time.

Teacher Zhao Xueye said, "Language means the culture. Culture means the language. Because the language is just like a bridge that can make our two countries together …because we are friends. So if we want to know better each other we should know what your language, what your culture. So the same to Ethiopia people."

Teacher Wang Tingting said, "There are many Chinese companies in Ethiopia. If students can learn Chinese very well, I think it is easy for them to find a job in Chinese companies. " The delivery of the Chinese language for Ethiopian students with this enormity can help the economic ties of the two countries very well in providing professionals with no language barriers or culture misunderstandings.

The long search of Chinese language interpreters, translators or even PR agents will soon get answer with the graduation of these students. Reporter:"The relation between China and Ethiopia has been remarkable in almost every sector. Now education is playing its pivotal role in cementing this relationship even more. In the future it is hoped that classes like this will be filled by more citizens in the country."
Source: CCTV

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