Monday, December 03, 2012

Reflections on relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea

(December 2, 2012)--Historically, Ethiopia and Eritrea have not been united in one country. However, first Eritrea then Ethiopia have been occupied as Italian colonies, which imposed upon them Italian culture.

Another link between the two regions is the fact that the Tigrian peoples, who inhabit a region north of the Mereb in Southern Eritrea, and south of the Mereb in Northern Ethiopia, belong to the same ethnicity and speak the same language, Tigrinya, and have a common Axumaite heritage.Another link between the two Regions is that the Christian population in both Regions belongs to the Orthodox Coptic Church.

A third link between Ethiopia and Eritrea is the fact that the main languages spoken in them, namely Amharinya and Tigrinya, are both Semitic languages and are written in the same alphabet.

The fourth link is the existence of a substantial Muslim community in both countries.  However, developments from mid-twentieth century have driven the two Regions apart, and today, hostility between them is at its zenith.In what follows, I reflect on the issues of War and Peace and future relations between the two countries. Read more from Sudan Tribune »

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Anonymous said...

The best solution for both of you will be that the Muslims in the Ethiopia should be shifted to Eritrea and Christians in the Eritrea should be shifted to Ethiopia. This is most sensible and lasting solution otherwise you both can babel as from to eternity without any solution.

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