Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New conditions drawn up for Ethiopian domestic workers headed to UAE

(Nov 14, 2012, 7DAYS)--An Ethiopian official said the country’s government is close to lifting a ban on its nationals working in the UAE after reaching a labour agreement with authorities in the Emirates.

The treaty, expected to be made public in the next two months, would guarantee a minimum wage and insurance for Ethiopian maids and low-paid workers, the official claimed. In July, the Ethiopian government banned women from coming to the UAE to work as maids after a series of complaints about serious physical and sexual abuse.

Mesganu Arga Moach, the Ethiopian consul general in Dubai, has been a negotiator at meetings with the government and said he was happy that the agreement would provide new minimum standards for maids.

“The UAE is ready to sign and I believe it can solve the problems we have had with domestic workers,” he said. “We have many problem cases on our hands. People think it is just a few they read about but really there are many.”

The agreement came after negotiations were held in Ethiopia between the Ethiopian government, UAE foreign ministry officials and representatives of the UAE Embassy in Ethiopia. Moach said Ethiopia also raised its “very serious concerns” about a maid in Abu Dhabi who was allegedly tortured to death by her employer.

The case is currently before Abu Dhabi courts and a verdict could be delivered next month. Moach said Ethiopian diplomats are monitoring the case closely. Read more from 7DAYS »

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