Thursday, October 04, 2012

Ethiopia: Introducing Modern Taxation System

(Oct 04, 2012, (Ethiopian Press Agency))--The Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA) announced Friday that e-tax training and implementation for a number of taxpayers is well underway. It was also stated that E-tax system helps tax payers access Authority Database called Standard Integrated Government Tax Administration System (SIGTAS) through internet and can report their monthly and annual tax being wherever they like through e-filling system.

True, it is a necessary step to give training for tax payers on e-tax to help them effectively carry out any activity in their respective organizations. While people prepare their return by answering some simple questions asked by the system, they go on recording the answers in simple step by step manner. Apart from this, people need not know the income tax laws or need not even remember the various subsections of the income tax laws.

Tax shall bring people to the latest system of e-filing income tax returns from anywhere and at anytime, just at the click of a button. E-filing provides many advantages to taxpayers. Quick processing refunds are received much sooner, particularly if they are deposited directly into a bank account.

Errors are also reduced at both ends and e-tax preparation software can sometimes suggest deductions, review returns for data that could lead to an audit, among others. The federal and state returns can sometimes be calculated together. In the future, the Authority has planned to use bank interface system in e-tax by which it would be networked with various banks so as to allow customers to pay their taxes electronically.

The training being given to some 326 high rate tax payers is believed to be a crucial step towards introducing e-tax to tax payers so as to enable them apply the system in their respective organizations.
Source:  All Africa

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Aklilu Dilasu said...

a good progress. it will definitely facilitate the working environment on tax payers. it is also very important to consider Lowe income business so as to pay comparable tax.

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