Friday, October 19, 2012

Egypt pushes Ethiopia to scrap Nile dam

(CAIRO, Oct. 19 (UPI)--Egypt increasingly views Ethiopia's plan to build a massive 6,000-megawatt hydroelectric dam on the Nile River as a threat to its national security because it will seriously cut the Arab state's water supplies.

Egypt depends on the Nile for virtually all of its water and is mounting a major diplomatic and economic campaign to scupper the plan. "Even direct military action by Egypt cannot be ruled out," observed the U.S. global security consultancy Stratfor.

Both countries have undergone major political upheavals recently, which have added to the tension in a long-running battle for control of the world's longest river which rises in the Ethiopian highlands.  Read more from UPI »

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Anonymous said...

In future, many theorists believe that water would be cause for warfare and Countries through which the Nile passes are not exception to this. And also it is very clear that Egypt is far better than any countries term of Military Power. However starting a war it is very dangerous game for Cairo so they never do it. However if they decided foolishly start the war, they would the war and Water forever since they have not a capacity of controlling all over the upper Nile area for long, as the result the upper states countries would use other strategy which Cairo is impotent over it (such as poisoning the water, diverting the water---). In any case the Egyptian is very wise and opportunist, so they will start the war, rather they employ other destructive means as they used to including sponsoring anti-dam operations.

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