Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wife of cab driver accused of rape: 'I know in my heart he is innocent'

(Aug 22, 2012, Colorado)--JEFFERSON COUNTY - Only on 9NEWS, the wife of a taxi driver accused of rape says her husband is innocent. To protect her family, she asked 9NEWS to remain anonymous.

"I know in my heart he is innocent. My husband is a good person," she said. "The picture the police gave to the media makes my husband look guilty, but he's not. That picture doesn't explain what character he has." Fikadu is a father of two, who moved his family from Eritrea seven years ago, for a better life.

"My husband is a good dad and a good husband," she said. The allegations paint a very different picture. A woman told police Fikadu gave a customer a ride home to Sheridan and 20th, followed her inside, and raped her last Thursday. Read more from 9NEWS »

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