Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ethiopia asserts commitment to coordinate with Egypt through GERD negotiations

(Jul 18, (Cairo))--Ethiopia parliament speaker Abadola Jamida asserted on Saturday his country’s commitment to coordinate with Egypt, whether through areas of joint cooperation or negotiations of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), according to Egypt’s state-owned broadcaster.

This came during Jamida’s meeting with an Egyptian delegation in Adis Ababa, headed by Egypt’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Abubakar Hefni Mahmoud, during which they discussed bilateral relations.

Jamida explained that Ethiopia would not “build its development and prosperity at the expense of any of the people of the region, including the Egyptian people,” asserting that integrity and constructive dialogue between the two countries would achieve mutual benefits without harming any party. Meanwhile, Mahmoud stressed on the importance of enhancing bilateral affairs between the two countries.

The meeting came a few days after Egyptian local media reported that water abundance was seen in front of the GERD, which Egypt’s Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation explained to be a result of the high level of construction, leading to the formation of a lake. Read more from Daily News Egypt »

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