Monday, January 09, 2017

£5m funding for Ethiopia's 'Spice Girls' from British taxpayer scapped

(Jan 09, 2017, (Umbrella Showbiz & Fashion))--British taxpayer's money will no longer be used to fund an African girl band dubbed the Ethiopian Spice Girls . Five-piece pop group Yegna was reportedly promised £5.2million of taxpayer's money to develop a radio drama.

But following criticism over the amount of cash being granted, The Department for International Development (DfID) confirmed its partnership with the girl group had ended. The band was formed as part of the Girl Effect programme and officials had previously praised the impact the project was having.

However, International Development Secretary Priti Patel indicated that the programme was under review when she was challenged by MPs about the reported £5.2 million grant in December.
A DfID spokeswoman said: "We have taken the decision to end our partnership with Girl Effect following a review of the programme.

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