Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ethiopia: is Africa's 'lion' ready to pounce?

(May 18, 2016, (DW))--Following its economic success, Ethiopia has been dubbed the "African Lion." But the current drought and a downturn in growth have taken their toll. A recent conference in Munich aimed at attracting investors.

Yinager Dessie Belay, Ethiopia's Minister of Planning and head of his country's business delegation to Germany, did not waste time in his lobbying efforts. "Ethiopia has many things that you need to look into," the Minster told his German interlocutors.

"A conducive business environment, political stability, sound economic policies, macroeconomic stability, abundant natural resources, a trainable workforce, low-cost energy and, above all, a sizable and captive market."

His words were echoed by Zemedneh Negatu, Managing Director of Ernst & Young and an Ethiopian government advisor. "The biggest economy in Africa is Nigeria; South Africa got dethroned two years ago by Nigeria. Third is Angola, and guess that who is number four: Ethiopia," Negatu told the audience. Read more from Deutsche Welle »

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