Monday, April 11, 2016

Cancer on the rise in Ethiopia

(Apr 11, 2016, (Istanbul))--Cancer is haunting Ethiopia with nearly 70,000 new cases and 44,000 deaths every year, a senior Ethiopian health ministry official said Thursday.

“Cancer is a growing problem in Ethiopia. It accounts for about 5.8 percent of total national mortality,” Dr. Kunuz Abdella, technical adviser for prevention and control of cancer program under the Health Ministry, told Anadolu Agency.

For people under 75 years of age, the risk of being diagnosed with cancer is 11.3 percent and the risk of dying from the disease is 9.4 percent, Abdella. More worryingly, women are said to be the most vulnerable group in Ethiopia. “About two-thirds of reported annual cancer deaths occur among women,” he said.

The most prevalent type among adult Ethiopian females is breast cancer with 30.2 percent, followed by cancer of the cervix (13.4 percent) and colorectal cancer (5.7 percent). Read more from Anadolu Agency »

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