Thursday, December 03, 2015

Ethiopia's Rastafarian community living in limbo

(03 Dec 2015, (Al Jazeera))--With few legal rights and no local IDs, people who came from distant lands struggle to fulfill their spiritual quest. Rastafarians around the world see Ethiopia as their spiritual home. Many of them believe the country's last king, Haile Selassie, was a descendent of King Solomon and the messiah.

Many of the men travelled thousands of kilometres to live in what they say is their promised land. The town of Shashamane in southern Ethiopia is a place of pilgrimage for Rastafarians around the world.

The Rastafarians say they smoke marijuana because it is their sacrament - the equivalent of bread and wine given during Christian communions.

The nearly 800 Rastafarians who live in the area say they are fulfilling a prophecy that descendants of slaves will return to Africa. Read more from Al Jazeera English »

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