Sunday, July 26, 2015

Seven reasons why Obama should visit Ethiopia

(July 25, 2015, (The Hill))--Barack Obama will become the first ever sitting U.S. president to visit Ethiopia. This is a testament to the firm friendship that the two countries enjoy. Ethiopia has had a close relationship with the U.S. ever since Emperor Menlik II earned recognition as the only sovereign state leader in Africa after defeating Italy. Emperor Haile Selassie deepened the bond with his seven official state visits to the U.S during his reign. 

President Obama’s trip to Ethiopia, although overdue, shows America’s growing confidence in the significant role Ethiopia plays in African affairs.

But critics argue that the trip sends the wrong message and that the U.S. should stay away from Ethiopia, using unfounded data while underestimating that isolation policy can be destructive in the long run.

Obama has been consistent with his promise to engage with countries even where there is disagreement. Burma, China, Iran and recently Cuba are all part of that effort. Without genuine effort to engage with others, real change can’t be achieved.

It is also important to note that the US has continued to criticize Ethiopia’s human rights violations. The president’s visit is momentous and well timed for the following reasons: Read more from The Hill (blog) »

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Anonymous said...

Thank you YES where there is PEACE there is PROGRESS. So Ethiopia is one of those Country. Thank you President Obama for observing that EThiopia is doing GREAT. May God bless the HARD working Government and the positive people of EThiopia. God bless all. I LOVE ETHIOPIA. By the way, for those of you who are just barking Journalism is NOT A coverup to work with Terrorist (Any one who try to attack Ethiopia directly or indirectly will GO to PRISON that is IT. So Ethiopia has the right to keep the people and their Country safe.

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