Monday, June 29, 2015

Migrant crisis: from Eritrea across Europe by rail

(Jun 28, 2015, (Channel 4))--As Europe's leaders argue over the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean, Paraic O'Brien travels with a family of Eritreans as it makes its way from Italy to Germany, encountering chaos on the way.

At 11 o'clock every night, two coaches on the Bolzano-bound train out of Rome are full of immigrants. They do not have travel documents, just train tickets.

The increasing numbers of immigrants arriving in Italy by boat was discussed by David Cameron and the Italian prime minister this week. As they were talking, immigrants were making their way to the Italian city of Bolzano.

The tale they told was a familiar one: held by Libyan people traffickers until their families paid up.
When they arrived at Bolzano on the Austrian border, the Italian police initially tried to stop them from travelling on to the southern German city of Munich, but they made it there eventually. Read more from Channel 4 »

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Anonymous said...

Eritreans got NO where to GO. That dictator will kill them the WORLD should do something to HELP them get Reid of that iodates who is killing his own people. God bless Ethiopia for harboring many of them, they are welcome to their own people. They are human being they need HELP.

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