Friday, March 20, 2015

The truth about Ethiopia’s dams

(Mar 20, 2015, (Cairo))--Since President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi met with the Ethiopian prime minister in the Equatorial Guinean capital of Malabo in June 2014, nothing has budged. It was there that the two leaders, attending the opening ceremonies of the African Union Summit, agreed to resume talks over the question of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam.

No progress has been made, even in confidence-building measures, despite the initiatives undertaken by Egypt in this regard and the many visits to Ethiopia by Egyptian officials.

In August, the first sessions between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan opened in Khartoum. The three parties signed an agreement to abide by the findings of an international consultancy that would start work immediately and, over the following five months, evaluate studies carried out by Ethiopia on the dam, and especially those pertaining to the environmental, socioeconomic and water flow impact on downstream nations.

It was also agreed that the consultative office would submit its report in February this year, before Ethiopia completed the first phase of construction, which was scheduled for June to October 2015, so that it could respond to the study and undertake the necessary modifications to height or reservoir capacity.   Read more from Al-Ahram Weekly »

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