Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Teff - Ethiopia’s tiny secret going global

(Feb 24, 2015, (Deutsche Welle))--Ethiopia’s indigenous grain teff is garnering global interest as a new super food, while Ethiopia’s government tries to ensure local prices don’t rocket for Ethiopians. Mama Fresh has also eager customers in Europe. The company flies injera to Sweden three times a week, to Norway twice a week and to Germany three times a month, with demand increasing by about 10 percent every month, Tessema said.

"Predominately it's Europeans buying teff bread; those who cannot eat wheat or who are heath conscious," said Sophie Kebede, owner of Tobia Teff, a UK-based business firm specializing in the grain.

"When we started in 2007 nobody knew when we said teff whether it was a Christmas pudding or a banana split, but I'm very happy to say we've come a long way from that now," Kebede said. "It's not yet a household name but at least many people know what teff is."

Protecting teff for the masses
Kebede gets her teff from farms located in southern Mediterranean countries. This is due to the Ethiopian Ministry of Trade strategically restricting exports of its increasingly sought-after grain to protect the country's food security.

Evidence would suggest the government has a right to proceed cautiously, because teff's global debut comes after a super grain quinoa hit a global market, rising consumption in more affluent countries. This made quinoa too costly for some locals in the countries growing it. Read more from Deutsche Welle »

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