Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Family Destroyed After Memphis Cab Driver’s Brutal Murder

(Dec 11, 2013, (Memphis))--A killer is wanted for the stabbing and brutal beating of a Memphis cab driver found dead next to his cab in Fayette County. His family got a text from his killer asking for Zewdneh Assemu’s pin number. The family never texted him back. They called police instead.

Assemu’s body was found two hours after the text message was sent. “The person who killed my husband, he killed me too. He killed my kids too,” said Hamelmal Kassa. Kassa is now a single mother. Her husband of 14 years found brutally murdered Saturday. She just moved to Ethiopia to be with him. Both looking for a better life.

Kassa said she begged her husband Assemu to not drive his cab Friday. The weather was bad. Assemu never came home from work that day. The next day, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Metro Cab tracked his car using GPS. He was found in a field lying by his cab. He was beaten and stabbed several times. His killer got away. Read more from WREG Memphis »

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