Wednesday, July 31, 2013

US airlines find pinched wires on 787 transmitter after Ethiopian Airline’s fire

(July 31, 2013, (Daily Trust))--Two US airlines disclosed issues with the wiring on their Boeing 787’s emergency transmitters, the same part of the plane that is getting close scrutiny after a parked jet burned earlier this month.

United Airlines said last Friday that it found a pinched wire during an inspection of one of its six 787s. Earlier, Japan’s All Nippon Airways found damage to wiring on two Boeing 787 locater beacons. It flies 20 of the jets.

The inspections were mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration for US airlines after the tail of an Ethiopian Airlines 787 caught fire while parked at London’s Heathrow airport earlier this month.

UK investigators said the only thing in the tail section with enough power to fuel a fire like that was the emergency transmitter. That’s a metal-cased, battery-operated radio the size of a loaf of bread that activates in a crash to help rescuers find a plane. Read more from Daily Trust »

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