Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Boy tells jury his adopted parents beat him until he bled

(July 30, 2013, (Kkiro tv))--A little boy told jurors Monday about the beatings and humiliation he said he suffered at the hands of his adopted parents. Larry and Carri Williams are accused of abusing Emanuel, now 12 years old, and killing their adopted daughter Hana.

Emanuel, who has been deaf since birth, needed an interpreter to translate the prosecutor's questions about abuse into sign language. He then signed his answers but also hit himself and pointed at scars to show what happened to him. "I would suffer with the pain until it eventually went away," said Dawn McKenna, who interpreted Emanuel's testimony.

Emanuel was 7 years old when the Williams adopted him and Hana from Ethiopia. Larry worked at Boeing while Carri home-schooled the two children and the couple's own seven children. Prosecutors asked Emanuel where Hana is now. "I don't know. I think maybe she's dead," said Emanuel's translator. Read more from Kirotv »

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