Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ethiopia women have success despite no large scale movement

(May 13, 2013, (ADDIS ABABA))--Adina is a 24-year-old recent university graduate. For the past four years she has learned and worked toward achieving her goal of going abroad for a Master’s degree.

This past week she received word from two American universities that she had been accepted into their program. For her, watching on Friday as thousands marched for women’s rights, she believes she can return to the East African country even stronger in the years to come.

“International Women’s Day and other events are always something special to me because as a woman I get to see all the great people out there trying to make a difference,” she told “Women deserve to be heard and listened to, so these events, while some men will look down upon them, are inspiring and amazing for us young people who want to make change for our country and for our world.”

Ethiopia did not have a large celebration in March to mark International Women’s Day, but women were still out in force, like Adina, to show they would not be silenced and that their voices are important for the future of Ethiopian society.

“I respect so many women who speak out. It is something that takes courage and maybe one day I will be like them,” she added. Read more from Bikya News 

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