Friday, April 05, 2013

Minister stops Ethiopia adoptions

(Apr 05, 2013, families waiting to adopt children from Ethiopia are affected by a ministerial ban. Minister for Social Affairs Karen Hækkerup has confirmed that she has immediately introduced a temporary ban on adoptions from Ethiopia through the DanAdopt agency.

The ban comes following reports from several couples in Ethiopia that promises had been made in order to get them to agree to adoptions – among others that they would be allowed to maintain contact with their child after adoption.

“I have no reason to claim that DanAdopt has misled or withheld information from the Appeals Board. But they should have been able to act, given such serious and objectionable conditions with the people they cooperate with in Ethiopia,” Hækkerup says, adding that she cannot be sure whether DanAdopt has been in control of what has been happening in Ethiopia.

“I do not feel sure, therefore that children have not been adopted under false pretences,” the minister says. She adds that if DanAdopt can convince her that they are in control of adoptions from Ethiopia, the ban can be lifted.

Hækkerup has also ordered DanAdopt to report on how they have organised adoptions in all of the other countries in which they operate. According to its website, DanAdopt arranges adoptions from 15 countries in Asia, Africa and E. Europe. Read more from »

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