Saturday, November 03, 2012

Open Letter to the Ethiopian Adoption Community (Writer, Dina McQueen)

(Nov 03, 2012, The Huffington Post)--I am an adoptive mother of one Ethiopian-born girl. I also am a writer with a passionate belief that in order for our planet to survive, all children, everywhere, need to be provided with the opportunity to go to school.

In a utopian world, all children would remain with their families of origin and receive an education through college, if this was their desire. But the current state of the planet being what it is -- with commerce and acquisition taking priority over education and environmental protection -- often, especially in Africa and Asia, this means governments providing assistance for their country's children through international adoption.
I love my daughter.

I love her birth country and the people of Ethiopia. I love my daughter's birth mother for possessing the courage and faith to trust that the baby she gave life to would have opportunities she could not provide, opportunities that would impart a level of health, safety, and education her child would need to thrive in this often very challenging world.

Our daughter's first mother handed her infant to somebody who most likely promised her that the American couple who would become the baby's parents would be able to give her a better life. Read more from The Huffington Post »

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