Friday, August 10, 2012

Meles Zenawi will be in office before Ethiopian New Year

(10th August, 2012)  Head of the Government Communications Office said that Zenawi will be back in office sooner than Ethiopian New Year, Minister Bereket Simon interview with SBS
(Bereket Simon (Getty)


Anonymous said...

shame on the communication Minister.majority of the people of Ethiopia do not trust this gov't.Few of his group only.Had Prime Minister Meles is a loved leader it would not be difficult to tell the truth to the people.He is a leader of a minority group and the secret goes around them.This gov't is mostly revealed by its lies.How come in a nation there is no independent media can the people entertain free information?It was not the gov't which told the people about Prime Minster's sickness thanks to the AU summit.Otherwise the gov't would not say anything.Shame on Berket and Shame on the leaders around him.

Anonymous said...

P/M: Melese Zenawie. I wish You Your Health is Back and I Want to Hear You again, Meles Meles Tenenetehe Geta Yemeleselehe, Le Ethiopia Tasefelegatalehe. Hulume Weregn New. Eyesuse Ke Ante Gare Yehune.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you,Betty.

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