Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Injera Export Brings Ethiopia $400,000 a Month

(13 September 2011, Addis Ababa)--Income from the export of Ethiopia’s staple food, the injera bread, has increased from 350,000 dollars a month to 400,000 dollars.

Five years ago the monthly revenue from injera was 10,000 dollars, according to the Ministry of Industry. The ministry expects that the revenue from the export of injera around the world will rise to five million dollars during the current fiscal year.

The United States is the major importer of injera followed by Europe and the Middle East. The biggest exporter of injera is Mama Fresh Injera Plc whose products hit the Middle East, American and European markets both in the name of the company and through other exporters who buy the injera from Mama and export it in the name of their own company.

Mama Fresh Injera Plc is now pioneering in the export of different Ethiopian sauces in solid and packed forms to the United States. The products are going to other destination over the coming months. The company has been exporting 100 to 150kg of kotcho (plantain) for three months now.
Source: 2merkato

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